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So I would say this day to embrace your brother of the Catholic faith, of the Catholic denomination, for he shall bring more to the Kingdom of God in one day than you will bring to the Kingdom of God in a lifetime. No, not a thousand, no, not ten thousand, but a hundred thousand in a day! I said, a hundred thousand in a day, and when the souls are counted up it shall be into the millions that are brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this, for such a time as this.
So, yea, you shall see the Kingdom of God grow and the Kingdom of God change, but you shall also see the kingdoms on this earth change as many, many souls are turned to the heart of their God and their hearts are changed. And I saw in my spirit that in the future days there will be great gatherings of people coming together in one accord praising and worshipping God. People of every walk of life, of every denomination, nation and tongue, they will come together as a family all birthed into the kingdom of God during one event, the showing of The Passion.
{The film The Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson}
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