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Then the Lord said to me, "These are My Transformers. These are the angels who helped save you from your accident. Not only are they here to protect, they are here to bring transformation. They will transform circumstances to bring you right into your next season and destiny."
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th December 2021.

In my dream I hadn't arrived at this street yet; this was just downloaded to me as this woman mentioned only the street name. It reminded me of hearing the words "Disneyland" and how we are instantly filled with joy and recognize it as a happy place full of fun. The words "Media Spring Street" created a movement of its own. When people just simply heard "Media Spring Street" it was like catching a wave of God and you wanted to get there as fast as you could!
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 26th August 2010.

Recently I went into another heart vision and saw people walking inside the heart of God. It was literally a live, breathing, pulsating heart. We were beating as one with Him, engrafted in the core of His innermost heart chamber. God's heart is full of infinite crevices and He is longing for us to discover the many facets of Him as we walk inside the innermost chambers and begin pouring them out. When you walk inside God's heart, you will begin knowing the depths of Him. As you begin walking with the heart of God, you will be walking as one with Him. Your heart will be beating at the same beat of His. You will feel what He feels as He shares the intimate details of His heart.
The Greatest Destiny of a Man is the DESTINY OF A LOVER. Dated: 13th February 2008
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