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The Bible says that the bedroom is undefiled. Now if the bedroom is undefiled that means that God wants some undefiled stuff to take place in the bedroom. He would never have said the bedroom is undefiled if you did not have no undefiledness to operate the bedroom. What happens is when the undefiled stuff shows up outside of the bedroom. You all hear me right now, so some of the stuff you that donít say outside the bedroom is supposed to be said for the bedroom. See too many church folk in here right now. The almost special word that you canít say no more because you save that for the bedroom. God wants some stuff inside of you to be a torch, a volcano, to be a place of intimacy that the bedroom becomes a haven for you not the world. So what we do we take the world and make it that defiled place so the bedroom has no special place. Ö I wish I could say what I want to say right here. You need to get some words that God is stressing Ö Speak in tongues when you get outside of the bedroom. Oh letís toucha da greek. That ainít the place for touching the greek. Donít take your salvation into the bedroom because the bedroom becomes the balance to your salvation.
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I wanna rub on something that it feels like itís flesh. Because standing over a toilet or sitting over a bed ainít taking care of myself ainít working no more Ö Dated: 1st September 2007
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