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Two Quotes by: Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church

Do we still believe the local church is the hope of the world?
Sourced from an article: Christian Post article by Bill Hybels. Dated: July 2009
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We also agreed that taking advantage of the wonderful self-help resources available today greatly increased our holding power. We went to seminars and workshops and conferences on marriage. We listened to tapes on marriage. We read books on marriage. Oh, did we read books! We read together and read separately. We read on vacation and read ourselves to sleep at night. We read books by theologians and psychologists and marriage counselors. We read about the temperaments, personal growth, workaholism, conflict resolutions, sex, stress management, how to relax, how to raise kids, how to handle money. We latched on to every good idea we could find, and it helped tremendously. Some people give up before they read the first book, or listen to the first tape, or attend the first workshop. That's a tragedy. Only we are to blame if we fail to use the incredible resources available at our disposal.
Book: by Bill & Lynne Hybels entitled: Fit To Be Tied. pp. 210-211 Published: 1993.
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