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In my response to you I left the door open to the possibility you were not passing judgement one me without knowing the truth of what our church did, but you certainly pile on more evidence toward that in your reply. Of course it will be up to the Lord whether or not you are trying to take Godís role with me. I wonít dignify your interrogation with responses. I believe you would only try to use them as weapons of hatefulness against me. Regretfully, I will leave you to your god of tiny human made religion, and mourn that you are wielding it in the name of Jesus, and joyfully continue to pursue life spent following Jesus-God in flesh and blood who lives in, with and through me by the Holy Spirit. No further correspondence will be welcome or received unless it comes from you in the Spirit of Jesus. The only thing I have experienced you being sincere about is a haughty and supercilious attack-not anything in anyway that reflects the deep and wide love of the Lord. {This is his reply to a letter sent to Steve Stone regarding Moslems reading the Koran in Methodist churches}
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