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Four Quotes by: Stacy Campbell of Revival Now! Ministries Married to Wes Campbell.

I see God setting hidden men and women of the Spirit into strategic, mostly hidden positions for the distribution of billions of dollars. These people have the ears and hearts of kings and will be responsible for the re-direction of wealth and favor (very much like Daniel/Joseph/Esther). These people are already in place. The next six months will be crucial for wealth distribution.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: September 2008.
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This prayer came out of a burning bush, came out for the release of national judgement, came after going into the clouds of glory and receiving the tablets, came after Numbers 24 for Moses went into the mountain with some of the elders, they made a trade with God and in this chemical prayer God would not speak face to face with Moses like he did at other times. This is pinnacle prayer of the release of the glory of God. He had to hide Moses in the cleft of a rock. Because you were like very few men on the face of the earth to see my glory I will begin a revival through you. They will pass the objects into the very heart that fills God to release desperate children and Jesus filled with compassion healed the sick. And Jesus filled with forgiveness said: He who is without sin cast the first stone. And Jesus filled with justice and truth threw over tables and chucked out ….? And cleared the Temple of God. Todd I have chosen you because of your background, because of your background, because of your background, to release my nature when you release my children to become a living epistle like the word that became flesh and people saw the glory of God. And I will use you to father a movement that operates with such revival power that it is coming out of the very nature and heart of God. And you will teach people how to behold God until they are transformed from glory to glory, from compassion to mercy, to loving kindness, to truth, to justice and forgiveness and a whole generation will look at such signs and wonders and power and everyone will give glory to God. And I feel that Todd when you were twelve years old and I had just graduated from Dallas Seminary the Holy Spirit fell on me he is starting to speak to you over and over again about a generation which will come upon the earth that will do signs and wonders that will change society and society will not change them. And you are the first of that generation of nation changers. {Spoken at Todd Bentley Commissioning} Dated: 23rd June 2008

For 2008, prophetically, I hear "sickles." ... When the prayer bowls fill in Heaven, the result on earth is the acceleration of harvest and judgment (see Revelation 8:3). In 2008, the Church must join with the intercession of Jesus (see Hebrews 7:25) for the release of national revival.
For 2008, Prophetically, I Hear SICKLES--God is Preparing to REAP NATIONS. Dated: 31st December 2007
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I feel that the Lord would like to just prophecy afresh to you: As Elijah spoke on Mount Carmel immediately after showing great displays of his power he did not stop with the display of his powers, he said choose, choose, choose this day whom you will serve…and I tell you there those even amongst you now who are simply to spread discord among the brethren. And there are seven things which the Lord hates that are an abomination to him, and one of them is a man who deliberately comes seeking to spread division in His Church, seeking to destroy and divide, who in the name of truth abandons love and stirs up hate, who does not understand that love covers a multitude of sins. And the Lord does like correction and He calls for it to happen, but the Lord hates, haaaaaates division and for the one who comes to bring division to divide the Church of Christ, to cut off his arms from his legs and the toes of his feet. The Lord says it will be better for Sodom and Gomorrah than it will be for that one on that day.
Vineyard Movement Toronto. Dated: 14th October 1994
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