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Three Quotes by: John Middendorf of Oklahoma City First City of the Nazarene Pastor.

We do three things, three things, friendship with God, friendship with one another, and open friendship for the sake of the world. Here's what we mean when we say fiendship with God: We believe that all of this relationship with God starts with God, with his choice of us. We believe that salvation happens as soon as we say "yes" to God. "God I receive you, I receive your choice" and we respond with our entire lives. Welcome to salvation at that point.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 9th September 2012.

We look for evidence of the divine and we find it in nature, in art, in literature, in music in film, so, rather than fear the surrounding culture, and the surrounding cities which predictably results in a bunker mentality the emerging congregation embraces the culture and expects to find God in itĒ the emerging congregation embraces the culture recognizing that its not all pretty but it embraces the culture and even then expects to find god in it because there is nowhere god isnít. there are many places where the church isnít but I donít think that means there are places where god isnít.
M7 conference of the Nazarenes. Dated: 18-19th February 2007
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Christians are guilty of the notion that there was a time when people were required to live by the mosaic law, I just donít know that ever was the case.
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