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One Quote by: Dana Myrkalo of Endtime Prophecy Channel

Arise children for the hand of God shall protect you this day. Just as in the days of Gideon shall empower thee over your enemies. Does not my word offer thee hope, there is no time for recrimination. I feel your pain and your suffering warrants action. I who am the God Jehovah shall ask on your behalf this day. The fires beneath thee shall soon become visible to see. Shall the trumpets not awaken the dead in Christ. A tempest brews in the distance. What has been visible in faith shall soon be seen by unbelievers. There shall be a cataclysmic event, then pause, then sudden destruction. My sword shall smite down your enemies this day. When this takes place, all shall know that it is I, the warrior king. Gird thy loins for my anger is great and my vengeance will be swift. Amen.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th May 2013.

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