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Four Quotes by: Jenn Johnson of Bethel Church, Redding, California Daughter of Bill Johnston.

Read your Bible. God will speak to you. If you don't read your Bible you get weird.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 15th January 2021.

I had this encounter with the Lord... I saw Him reach down and He picked me up by the hair of my head in a kind way (you know-as He does) and He skyrocketed me up through the ceiling, up through the clouds, up through the universe, and I was looking down, and it was beyond time and it was beyond space and it was just outside this little world that I had created with this problem...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 20th July 2017.

I view the Holy Spirit like the genie from Aladdin, and he's blue, I'm planned - perfect and he's funny and he's sneaky and he's courageous and he's everywhere and he's wonderful, he's wonderful and he's a comforter and he knows my every need and I can just crow up and lay on him. [begins at 22.00]
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 24th September 2011.
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What part of happy isn't reverent? I-I-I'm just asking. I don't know. What part of joy, I've a friend that, she's teaching me more right now that there's more joy in sorrow than I ever thought. So why? Because sorrow is black! Always been black. This is the color of joy {holds up white sheet}. And I saw the angels circling that throne and I thought: I bet they text each other; I bet they have farting contests. That is black. I don't. Get her off the stage! That is irreverent. {drops sheet} It turned white just so you'd know it. God is a heck of a lot more fun than we think he is.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 21th May 2011.
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