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One Quote by: Mike McClung of Lionheart Restoration Ministries

I am very thankful for those pioneers of the Kingdom of God, going all the way back to Abraham, who've braved the unknown and the scorn of others to press forward in their obedience to God's call and leading. We owe everything we are and have to the spiritual and natural pioneers who've faced misunderstanding and death at almost every turn to pave the way for those of us in this day to settle and enjoy the blessings and benefits, both from the spiritual and natural dimensions. There are many pioneers still moving forward into realms yet unreached for no other reason than they heard the voice of Abba call them, and they've left all to pursue Him out of love and simple obedience. This is a lonely, misunderstood and often dangerous place to be, fraught with spiritual, mental, emotional, financial and relational pressures and warfare that we may not be aware of. I have a message for those pioneers that answered the call of God to press into the unknown: you are NOT a failure.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th June 2010.

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