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We are in a supernatural season. … I am addicted to glory, I am addicted – shamelessly addicted to the presence of God. Thank you God and I can’t think of anything better. Peeeshew. … Turn in your Bibles to Hebrews 13 15, Hebrews 13, Hebrews 13. We are in a season of sowing and when we are sowing the reason we are doing these nights of glory is we are sowing our worship. We are sowing praise and praise and worship are different. Praise leads into worship. Praise opens the door. Praise is the boasting, the wild boastings in the things of God in the excellencies of the one who calls us out of darkness into his stunning, marvellous, glorious, wonderful light. And so as we lift up his praise we open the doors. Our praises rise like a weapon in our hands. We were singing that this morning and I know last time we sang and I preached about it, it gets me it gets my imagination - a Godly imagination, its all scripture. Our praises rise like a weapon in our hands. Fear oh heaven fear oh hell. These are powerful. How about my dance is thunder from the throne of God … Dated: 17th October 2007

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