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Eight Quotes by: John Arnott of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Married to Carol Arnott.

We bless you today Todd Bentley, you are a friend, you are a man of God, a man of prayer, you are a man of the spirit. You love the anointing and I would say that it is not just the Lakeland revival but the whole world that goes into revival. But you are leading an amazing charge that multitudes are getting in behind you and saying: Come I am going to go with you and so we bless you for all of that. Thank you Holy Spirit for raising up this young man to lead such a mighty charge around the world and to partner with GodTV and all that has happened here in the last several months - now three months almost. Blessing in the Name of Jesus and we stand with you and encourage you and honour you. {Spoken over Todd Bentley at his commissioning}
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 23rd June 2008.

There is the need for an intimate romantic relationship with the father. Abundant joy and an intimate personal receiving of God's love should be our priority because you can never get enough of this, people return again and again to swim in the river or soak in the son.
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In between my legs it felt like an invisible pillar was there. It was the presence of God! It was the most wonderful warm feeling I've ever experienced. Revival was on.
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In the name of Jesus Ė fill teeth Lord Ė replace amalgam fillings with gold and with platinum.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 15th July 1999.

We used to think when people shook, shouted, flopped, rolled, etc., that it was a demonic thing manifesting and we needed to take them out of the room. That was our grid, thatís what our experience had taught us, that demons could be powerful. ... Who cares? If he thinks itís God and he likes it, let him enjoy it! Because you can test the fruit later. ... if you play it safe with this thing, the Holy Spirit, you know what? Youíre never going to get anywhere.
Book: by Hank Hanegraaff entitled: Cited in Counterfeit Revival. Dallas: Word Publishing, 1997, pg. 52. Published: 1997.
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Be like a sponge and desire the Lord with everything that's within you. Every case that does that, they are on the floor receiving. People pray for you, that's your time to receive. Pray on the way out, you can pray later. Don't take control, you can take control later. The whole deal is, you lose control, He takes control. He gets you out of your comfort zone, makes you feel vulnerable, right? You can analyze it later can't you?
at Holy Trinity Brompton, England. Dated: 14th February 1995
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Another thing that hinders {receiving the Holy Spirit or anointing} is people pray all the time.
Holy Trinity Brompton, England. Dated: 14th February 1995
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Wouldn't it be great if there was somewhere you could go and just get really filled up with power and love, the love of God? But it doesn't stop there. What happens is, there's a transference of His anointing where, not only do you see it, not only do you experience it for yourself, but you're going to take it home to your people.
Toronto Airport Fellowship, Pastor's Meeting. Dated: 19th October 1994
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