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Two Quotes by: Gary Beaton of Transformation Glory Ministries

It is especially important that you have a definitive plan in place for yourself to actually bless those carrying eternal vision, inventive ideas, and understanding from Heaven. When the full release of funding comes, it will change the earth on many fronts in the critical time we have left.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 7th April 2014.

The visitation of the Angel Parable, combined with the vision of the American flag, during a holy moment in stillness sends a clear message that the Lord is revealing a warning of what is coming from a loud trumpet call about to be released, most likely very soon. It is one that cannot be halted because it is coming in a defining moment in history to affect the change needed on God's timetable to save and to restore this nation.[begins at 10.05]
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 20th March 2014.

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