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Three Quotes by: Gwen Shaw of End-Time Handmaidens and Servants Died 13th January 2013.

Jesus learned to know the Father through His suffering while He was a man on earth. It wasn’t in Heaven, where everything was peaceful and beautiful and without pain, but rather, it was while He was on earth, when He suffered at the hands of man, that He learned to know Him in a way He had never known Him in the eternity of the past. So it is with us – it is only through suffering that we are able to be drawn very close to God.
Book: by Gwen Shaw entitled: Suffering Helps Us To Know the Father More Intimately”, pg. 4 Published: April 1999.
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Now I am going to read one scripture and then I am going to preach and the devil is going to drop dead.
TBN. Dated: 22nd February 1998
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We shall fall in love with our heavenly bridegroom and within the bride an immaculate conception shall take place. The Sons of God, the beautiful people, strong and anointed with love shall arise.
Book: by Gwen Shaw entitled: The Law of Angels p 146 Published: no date given.

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