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One Quote by: Jay Grimstead of Coalition for Revival

1. The kingdom of God was inaugurated and the king was installed and seated in the first century A.D.. and we need not wait for the King's second coming to get the kingdom started here on earth.
4. At this moment of history, all humans on earth, whether Jew or Gentile, believer or unbeliever, private person or public official are obligated to bow their knee to this King Jesus, confess him as Lord of the Universe with their tongues, and to submit to his lordship over every aspect of their lives in thought, word and deed.
5. Biblical evangelism according to the Great Commission in Matthew 28 v18-20 is not truly accomplished unless that message of Christ's lordship from point #4 above is given to that person being evangelised so that they know that an attempt at personal neutrality before King Jesus is a sin and treason in this universe.

Letter to COR Steering Council May 1993. Dated: May 1993
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