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One Quote by: Paul Wilber of Jacksonville, Florida

I commission you says the Lord, to capture the atmosphere, to saturate the atmosphere, to call a new kingdom, a new situation a climate that invites a culture! How do I capture the atmosphere? In your tongue, in your mouth, a weapon of warfare, lift up your voice and it will be established. Take control of the atmosphere. Power of Praise, control of the atmosphere, it is creating a new climate, it creates a culture of the Kingdom. We are going to lift up a sound that is changing the molecular cell structure moving – shifting. Open wide the gates of the nations… as we plant and take captive the atmosphere. You are commissioned to change the atmosphere agree by covenant of blood so shall it be established in this season of authority, new oneness of Jew and Gentile, ...return the hearts to the FATHER, take authority!”
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 5th November 2010.

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