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Jesus, the prophet, challenged the abusive and unjust systems of his day. We aim to do that for our day. Jesus never criticized other religions. Neither do we. Jesus, however, did challenge his own religious tradition. Therefore, we challenge ours. Jesus embraced, ignored, and rejected various parts of his Bible. We do that, too, believing that Jesus, the Word of God, is the criteria by which we interpret our Bible and all other words which claim to be from God. We teach that Jesus did not see himself as a sacrifice for our sins to appease an angry God. Instead, Jesus spoke out against the oppressive powers of his day, and they crucified him. God forgives us without need for a sacrifice of any kind, just as Jesus taught us that we are to forgive one another. Jesus taught that every person would eventually be drawn into the fullness of God's salvation. You are ultimately destined for heaven. No one will be left behind.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: July 1993.
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