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Two Quotes by: James C. Dobson of Focus on the Family (FOTF), located in Colorado Springs, Colorado

There is only one cure for the cancer of bitterness, that is to forgive the perceived offender. Once and for all, with God's help, as strange as it seems, I am suggesting that some of us need to forgive God for those heartaches that are charged to His account. You've carried resentment against Him for years. Now it's time to let go of it. {Dobson now tries to escape the blasphemy he's just uttered, but he is unsuccessful.} Please don't misunderstand me at this point. God is in the business of forgiving us, and it almost sounds blasphemous {it is!} to suggest that the relationship could be reversed. He has done no wrong and does not need our approbation. But the source of bitterness must be admitted before it can be cleared. There is no better way to get rid of it than to absolve the Lord of whatever we have harbored. ... It is the only way you will ever be entirely free. ... Corrie ten Boom forgave an SS guard who shared responsibility for the deaths of her family members. {False analogy.} Surely we can forgive the King of the Universe Who sent His only Son to die as an atonement for our sin.
When God Doesn't Make Sense. Dated: 1993

"... whenever the keys to self-esteem are seemingly out of reach for a large percentage of the people, as in twentieth-century America, then widespread 'mental illness', neuroticism, hatred, alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, and social disorder will certainly occur. Personal worth is not something human beings are free to take or leave. We must have it, and when it is unattainable, everybody suffers. ... a sizeable proportion of all human activity is devoted to the task of shielding us from the inner pain of inferiority. I believe this to be the most dominant force in life.
Book: by James Dobson entitled: Hide or Seek, pp. 20-21, 152 Published: 1974.
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