Trevor Baker Quotes

Two Quotes by: Trevor Baker of Revival Fires Church, Dudley, England

The Lord was saying, “In this season when the sun shines brighter it’s the time for light to be shining on your righteous acts and the prophetic mandates that you have been declaring and activating as you have sought to establish My rule in the areas where you have influence”.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 9th July 2013.

David du Plessis asked Smith Wigglesworth a week before he died: “Mr Wigglesworth, who are you going to give your mantle to when you die?” He replied, “I am not done with it myself yet.” A week later he was in a church in Wakefield to speak at a friend's funeral. He was in the vestry, seeking the presence of God, when they heard him take his last breath. They ran into the vestry, but he was gone. He had not given his mantle to anybody.

I believe that the mantle of the anointing was left for the church. It was poured into the church because God was taking it from a platform ministry to equip the saints for works of ministry. I have lain on that church floor in Wakefield. I have rolled around it. I have even asked people to stand on me to push me further into that anointing! It is an attitude of pressing in for all of God's anointing.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 10th August 2009.

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