Emerson Ferrell Quotes

Two Quotes by: Emerson Ferrell of Voice of the Light Ministries Husband of Ana Mendez Ferrell.

You need to get that understanding inside of you. You see our soul was created by God to house the divine power of the mind of God. When I talk about conciousness I am talking about what the soul discovers in the mind of God. Not only discovers it but works out. You see Jesus did not come to the earth and raise the dead for the first time, he had to develop his soul, he had to allow his spirit to work out the process from the elements in the earth.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 26th October 2010.

That the words born again has been wrongly taught and consequently negate the dominance of Christ and his kingdom.
Book: by Emerson Ferrell entitled: Immersed In him Published: 10th January 2010.
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