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Three Quotes by: Sharon Stone of Christian International Europe

The Lord says; "Deception entered the earth, It entered the garden as a snake, the Deceiver is again waiting at the door. Like a snake the world is winding around many issues. But, God says; I will surround, support and prop up My people. So Protect your minds, I will even cause you to discern blatant deception from the media. The serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, continue in the simplicity that is in Me. If one comes and preaches another Jesus, don't receive a different spirit which I did not give you, don't accept a different gospel. Deception is a sign of these last days. So Watch out that no man deceives you. Don't flatter and deceive yourself it will bring a halt to wisdom. There are false apostles, deceitful workers who appear righteous. But don't be confused, Satan transformed himself into an angel of light. False prophets will arise with false miracles. There are imposters, wicked men who believe their own lies and deceive others. My elect, Be not deceived, Believe not every spirit, Though some will abandon their faith, following doctrines of devils. The world is affected by the evil one; that serpent that leads the world astray. Beloved, It is Time to Learn to Discern by the Spirit to avoid the serpent who waits at your door. The Lord says; I will take hold of the dragon, the old snake: Satan the deceiver. I will bind him for a thousand years. I will cast him in the bottomless pit and lock him in with my seal. That Satan will no longer deceive the nations. My elect, Be not deceived, Believe not every spirit. Learn to perceive clearly between: Good & Evil, Pure & Impure. Discernment can and will Preserve you from the Days of Deception the earth has entered into. Thank God that He has made a way for His Elect not to be deceived.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 14th November 2008.

I want you to align with Hebrews Chapter 11 as heroes of Faith. Many will panic and fear, but you must partner with faith. When the spies came back to give their report of the Promised Land, the majority created an atmosphere of fear. Resist fear on behalf of your nations. Fear and famine will blind you from My provision. Elijah's servant could not see the cloud of provision due to fear, and famine blinded him. Elijah had already heard the abundance of rain. If you can hear the prophetic you can enter the grace of abundance and acceleration, being able to run, rather than operating in a frozen economy. This is a time of Abundance vs. Recession. Remember, a New Global Economy has begun and a Financial Era is over.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 21st September 2008.

Todd the Spirit of God says: In years from now people will look at this time and they will recognize it and when their God shows up and created within the church a new heart. Says the Lord. And I will genesis in the midst of the chaos in the world today and I will not just bring a mending but I will bring forth that which is new, that which is dedicated, that which is decided, that which is pure and I will heal the corruptness of the hearts of God and the Lord says: This is the heart that I will not despise and as David cried unto me: Donít take your Holy Spirit from me. I have released a cry from within my church says the Lord that has begun the release of prisoners. I canít live without your presence. I canít live without your glory, I canít live without your presence. No program will be a substitute, the Spirit of God says. History, says the Lord, will measure it by heart. {At Todd Bentley Commissioning Lakeland}.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 23rd June 2008.

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