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One Quote by: Rev. Edward J. Ruetz of Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend in Indiana Retired priest.

Distinguishing between the historical Jesus and the Christ of Theology and Philosophy developed over 17 centuries Dr. Chopra {in his book The Third Jesus}captures an intriguing vision of a ‘Third Jesus,’ who, while living on Earth, developed a deep relationship with God. Deepak calls this ‘God-consciousness.’ Dr. Chopra brilliantly uses the sayings of Jesus to demonstrate how his basic mission and ethic of love grew out of his God-consciousness. Through Jesus’ own words and spiritual exercises Deepak beautifully elucidates a beginning, middle and unity pathway for growing in deep God-consciousness to anchor our life on earth and our life after death.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 10th November 2010.

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