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Two Quotes by: Norvel Hayes of Norvel Hayes Ministries

You aren't supposed to talk to Jesus about it; you're supposed to talk directly to the mountain in Jesus' Name (whatever the mountain is in your life). Stop talking to Jesus about it; stop talking to anybody else about it; speak to the mountain itself in Jesus' Name. Don't say, "Oh God, help me. Remove this sickness from me," say, "Flu, I'm not going to let you come into my body! Go from me in the name of Jesus! Nose, I tell you, stop running! Cough, I tell you to leave in Jesus' name!" Say, "Cancer, you can't kill me, I will never die of cancer in Jesus' name!" {and quoting him further} Do you have a financial mountain in your life? Start talking to your money. Tell your checkbook to line up with God's word. Talk to your business. Command customers to come into your business and spend their money there. Talk to the mountain.
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Since angels are ministering spirits sent to minister to and for Christians, we can learn how to put them into action on our behalf. We believers ought to be keeping those angelic creatures busy! We ought to have them working for us all of the time.
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