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Three Quotes by: Jill Austin of Master Potter Ministries deceased 9th January 2009.

Suddenly, I found myself on the chest of Jesus. Like John the Beloved, I could feel my face up against His linen robes--the soft fabric around my face. I could hear His heart--the sound of eternity--that gigantic chamber of love, embracing me. I felt so loved and so protected. This intimacy of His heart went deep into my very being. Leaning! I was leaning deeper into His heart. I could feel His arms embracing me. And then, I could feel His heart open up. And I'm drawn into the literal heart of Jesus--the eternal residence of this tremendous heartbeat.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 25th March 2008.

We need to be able to legislate from Heaven and bring it down to earth. ... I feel that in this time, the Lord is also raising up end time global war generals. This is part of what the Lord is doing. There is a shifting in the government of God. We are already beginning to see a shift across denominational lines. ... Just like there is going to be great judgment, there is also going to be a great revival and a great harvest!
Knowing the Times and Seasons -- The Lord is Raising Up End Time Global War Generals", The ElijahList. Dated: 19th February 2008
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I feel the Lord is saying, "I want to use fresh strategies and fresh impartations of My Spirit. I want you to break out of My old familiar wineskins."
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 4th January 2008.
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