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Five Quotes by: Reinhart Bonnke of Christ for All Nations

In the beginning God created heaven and earth and there was darkness, chaotic conditions in the world and then we read the Holy Spirit hovered over this chaos. But nothing happened. Absolutely nothing happened. He may have hovered a million or a billion years. Nothing happened. Until God said “Let there be light
Holy Ghost Reborn (Movie). Dated: 29th January 2016
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Jesus will step out of the screen ... and will set these hearts on fire. … This is what I believe will happen every time these films are shown. … Every time these films are shown, Jesus in the end will step out and make personal contact.
Interview with Justin Michael. Dated: 21st June 2006
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Jesus was the first of multitudes, the first Holy Spirit baptized man on earth.
Book: by Reinhart Bonnke entitled: Baptism in the Holy Spirit Published: March 2002.
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The baptism in the Spirit is a positive experience of which we are aware. It is not the same as receiving one of the spiritual gifts, and has precious little to do with having a religious feeling, a dream or a vision. It is certainly not about achieving a new spiritual level and has nothing to do with spiritual progress. It is a down-to-earth event marked by speaking in tongues. It lights a fire in the soul, brings a new galvanising force and drives us on for God.
Book: by Reinhard Bonnke entitled: BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT (III) Published: March 2002.
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Omnipotence needs manpower... Omnipotence calls for human action... Jesus could multiply loaves and fish but only in the hands of his disciples. … The Cross seemed to sum up all the negative forces that depress the human race. But this was no defeat; it was omnipotence in action, omnipotence turning every negative into a positive, and a supreme act with a supreme outcome … That mighty deed becomes our legacy, transferred by the Holy Spirit to our account. Everything Jesus did is translated into our experience. We were not with the boy and the disciples in Galilee and could not take ten steps to feed the hungry crowd. But we can take one step to Calvary and, like those disciples long ago, key into omnipotence, immortal life, and Holy Spirit power. The Cross is the point on earth where God meets man.
Book: by Reinhard Bonnke entitled: Agents of Omnipotence Published: February 2001.
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