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One Quote by: Ken Wilber of The Integral Institute Psychologist, philosopher and contemplative.

Here is what seems to occur: The person of faith {a contemplative} intuits, although in a preliminary and somewhat vague fashion, the existence of very God. On the one hand, this confers a measure of peace, inner stability, and a release from mere belief. On the other hand, precisely because that is so, the person yearns for a greater closeness to this Divinity, a more complete knowledge-union with God. Since the person does not yet have this greater closeness, it throws his present state, by comparison, into doubt (and yearning). In fact the greater the faith-intuition, the greater the doubt. Zen has a profound saying on this: Great doubt, great enlightenment; Small doubt, small enlightenment; No doubt, no enlightenment. How different is that from the literal and dogmatic certainty of the true believer {a Christian}.
Book: by Ken Wilber entitled: A Sociable God: Toward a New Understanding of Religion Published: February 2005.
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