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Two Quotes by: Sid Roth of TV Presenter of It's Supernatural

Dear Mishpochah. I am bursting with expectancy for 2009! This will be our greatest year of Jewish soulwinning in history. When the ancient Jewish spiritual DNA merges with the New Covenant Gentile spiritual DNA, it will explode with “life from the dead” resurrection power as One New Man (Eph. 2:14-16). The devil is trembling and about to have a nervous breakdown over the emergence of the One New Man. Speaking of a nervous breakdown, God is not nervous about the economy. He is ready to pour out financial blessings to capture this great Jewish harvest based on Genesis 12:3. God promises to bless those who bless the Jewish people. The greatest blessing for the Jewish people is not aliyah (returning to Israel) or humanitarian aid, but salvation. “He who wins souls is wise” (Prov. 11:30). Thank you for partnering with us for the greatest Jewish harvest in history! Shalom and Love,Sid Roth. Donate Now {link}
Letter. Dated: 28th March 2009
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Christian there are so many people that are going to get healed right now. I’m so excited tell me about these people that are going to be healed? The people out there that are viewing this telecast today many of them with pain with arthritic conditions bursitis, bone cancer, scleroses, I want to prepare yourself because the anointing of God is going to just reach out of the television set begin to straighten you out and begin to deliver you from pain.
During TV Interview with Robin Harfouche. Dated: No date given
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