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I will release the authority for a restoration of the Image of God into the heart of humanity. For I, The Lord, have created humanity in My image, holy and pleasing to Me. As the anointing of Imagination is released with great impact now, the Image of My children will be healed. Places of great brokenness and pain will be restored in a moment as the glory of Holy Imagination is released." The Lord is opening the Ancient Gates of the Power of Imagination. As this generation is flooded with this anointing, a Holy Nation will be called together, and the image of God will be restored where there has been pain and brokenness.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th September 2013.

Christ’s vision was of a redeemed world order populated by redeemed people – now. To accomplish this, we are to be salt and light in a dark and fallen world, the “yeast” that leavens the whole loaf of bread (the whole of society). We are the ones God has called to be His Church. It’s up to us. We are to be the change. But a changed world requires change agents, and change agents are people who have first been changed themselves.
Book: by Richard Stearns entitled: The Hole in the Gospel, pp 243-245 Published: 1st May 2010.
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... and we see this, a certain tribe of Israel in verse 32 {1Chronicles 12}, a scripture which you are probably familiar with but I want to give it to us in a fresh way today: There then came the sons of Issachar who understood the times and knew what Israel should do. Sons of Issachar, these two phrases attributed to them: they understood the times and they knew what Israel should do. I want to suggest that we need a re-emergence of an Issachar understanding - an Issachar annointing, an Issachar mindset for our time. Because like the children of Israel we in the Body of Christ are right now in a transitional moment.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 23rd April 2009.

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