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Two Quotes by: Dr David G. Benner of Institute of Psychospiritual Health (Toronto) Founder and Director.

"Life is like breath. It isnít meant to be held, but to be expended and then drawn in with a fresh inhalation." Whether literally in the act of meditation or metaphorically in the act of renewing our inner lives, this "inhalation" is what Dr. Benner invites readers to do in the awakening of the self. However, this process is not simply a diversion for those who seek the flavor of the week in spiritual practice.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 15th April 2011.

Such prayerful solitude is the womb of psychospiritual growth. The space it creates allows for the birth of a transformed self.
Book: by entitled: In Dreams in Soul Care Published: 11th January 2011.
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