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One Quote by: Dr. Dale Fife of SonPointe Church

One of the angels drew a golden arrow from his quiver and placed it on his silver bow. He took careful aim and fired it into the earth. When it struck the earth, huge waves of energy radiated out from the center of the target. This is the arrow of mighty anointing to preach My Word," Jesus said. " You will soon see a powerful release of preaching. ( See Mark 1:14; 1 Cor 1:18-21) Such power will be discharged that entire cities will fall prostrate as My Word is proclaimed. I will put judgment in the mouths of My prophets and My preachers. Such great conviction shall come upon people that they will weep and repent for days, unable to move from the place of conviction as they hear My Word.
Book: by Dr. Dale Fife entitled: The Secret Place, chapter 12. Published: 1st January 2002.

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