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So Paul used the common Greek word for God, theos. Actually, when you look at the New Testament you donít find the word Jehovah there, you find the word theos over 1,300 hundred times translated the creator God. Jn 3.16 not Jehovah Yahweh, no theos so loved the world and the only possible translation to the word theos to Arabic IS ALLAH. so donít ever attack the word Allah. This is a suicide in Muslim evangelism. Donít make the mistake that Christian leaders in America done. They call the Muslim, that they are worshiping a false god and Allah a false God. Actually the word Allah is not the word for the deity of Islam, it is the Arabic word for God its in my Arabic Bible, I CALL GOD ALLAH. Ö this is the Arabic word for God and the Christians used it hundreds of years before Mohammed was born, donít ever attack this word.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 28th August 2011.
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