Bob Hartley: Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train

Well we've heard that Bob Jones is making trips to heaven five times a day. We've heard of Charlie Robinson having a pillow fight with Jesus! Now we have Bob Hartley sitting on a heavenly porch swing! Before that he found himself on the Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train. He writes here on the Elijah List: I was caught up into a heavenly place with others, and I found myself on the "Polar Express," but in this encounter it turned into the Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train and headed into Heaven through the most indescribable colors of God. Yes, he had just watched the movie!

The Lord began to speak to me as I was crying out like a little boy exhilarated, celebrating a roller coaster ride, as we headed straight up to His throne. Wow! Oddly though, the ride is so exhilarating that he doesn't know what Jesus said.

Then I found myself on a porch swing reclining next to Him in His beauty on the balcony of Heaven. I'm looking at the earth from His heavenly perspective and I was stunned as it became a beautiful garden before me. At this point he quotes scripture to supposedly confirm that what he had seen agreed with scripture. The scripture is Daniel 4 v3. Unfortunately it contains no mention of a Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train, exhilarating rides or a porch swing.

Jesus began to show me how the earth will begin to become a beautiful garden for us in 2011, and I started to experience something so extraordinary and necessary: His hopeful view of the Kingdom of God and the nations. Hmm. So, Jesus only has a hopeful view of the Kingdom of God and the nations. Hopeful is defined in the dictionary as "likely to suceed". Is Jesus only likely to succeed?

Then, sitting on the porch swing he says What the Lord Spoke to Me on the Porch Swing in This Heavenly Place. He [Jesus?] gave four points:

  1. He Shared His Desire for Us
  2. You Must Look Back to Look Forward
  3. His Overcoming Plans
  4. His Assignment

Under the third heading, he shares the following: Then He showed me something I had never seen before: the Hope Craftsmen that He had been preparing like His Son, a carpenter in a back room, to come out with the most amazing Hope Advanced Tools that would enable both God to be moved to the center of life versus the perceived issue and God's solution to come forth. So here is the real issue. Bob Hartley is hanging his dominionist credentials on the line. Is not God already at the center of life? What is the perceived issue? Was not God's solution His own Son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross to bring an incredible salvation to all those who repent and believe and trust in Him? Dominionists have a warped view of biblical escatology and are frantically trying to make their solution work. Bob Hartley is willfully adding to scripture. Where is a verse in scripture which says: You Must Look Back to Look Forward; amazing Hope Advanced Tools; Hope Craftsmen? They simply do not exist. With regard to the looking back thing Jesus said in scripture: No-one who puts his hand to the plough and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God. Luke 9 v62.

Every dominionist is trying to have heavenly encounters, presumably for the purpose of climbing the greasy pole to becoming a fully paid-up apostle, if he isn't one already. Always the message is the same: God is on the cusp of doing something amazing. They are literally hoping that their imaginative ideas are from the Lord and that they are the one who gets it right, absolutely spot on. What does scripture say? We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eye-witnesses of his majesty. 2Peter 1 v16.

He continues with a heading which says: Jesus' Hope-Filled, Confident Desire for the Body of Christ in 2011 (It's a big deal!) So now we have something for 2011. Many on the Elijah List join in this New-Year-Fest saying what God is going to do in the year ahead. Under this heading he says: He turned to me and said tenderly, Before I share My heart with you, I want you to understand that I will be purposely ambiguous. I won't share every detail regarding 2011 because I want to create an ongoing dialogue and process with you, and if I gave you all the answers, the dialogue wouldn't happen. But I will share enough with you so that you and those who hear this word will not live in confusion but will feel the Spirit of the Holy, Hopeful, Loving God surround them. Why does Jesus want a dialogue with us? Did he dialogue with mankind before His birth at Bethlehem? Did mankind understand what He was about to do then? Did the disciples, before He was crucified, understand why he had to die? The answer is "No" in each case. Bob Hartley's imagination has run riot and he is adding again and again to scripture. It certainly is a big deal!

I have entrusted you and others with this word to be not only a tutor but a father with the heart of the hopeful patriarchal prophetic, who long to see their sons and daughters go even farther than them and their authority and dominion in Me - as fathers and mothers who can decree a thing and it happens. Didn't Jesus say And do not call anyone on earth 'father', for you have one Father, and he is in heaven Matthew 23 v9. So which did the Holy Spirit inspire, the scriptures like this one, or Bob Hartley? He cannot have inspired both since this would be ambiguous, a term which Bob probably does not understand. Note also the Word Faith decreeing at the end of the quote.

Finally he says: Jesus said, "I am reminding you of our history so that you would have confident expectation in My goodness for 2011 and the future. Now let Me share with you some of My plans for 2011..." To be continued in our next article! So expect more of the same, an inadequate, pleasure-seeking, questionably successful Jesus, who is clearly not the Jesus of holy scripture.

12th December 2010

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