Bob Hartley: Here Come the Hopeful Kings and Queens Bringing the Celebration of God!

That's Bob's title so where in scripture does it tell us that we are kings and queens? Since the Bible does not mention us being kings and queens it is not surprising that they are hopeful kings and queens. Bob continues by saying: In my last word (posted on the Elijah List), I shared about an encounter with Jesus regarding the "Hope Glory Train" that would stop different places across the earth through 2013, and the hopeful kings and queens that were being sent out into the seven mountains of society. All the blue quotes can be read here on the Elijah List. Only one word here gives even a clue, as to whether this is supposedly a christian message. My concordance fails miserably to come up with a Hope Glory Train. Is it a real train that Bob Hartley is organising in 2013? Or is it simply something in Bob's imagination working overtime? Where is Bob going with this? We must read on.

I shared how the Lord was sending out His "Hope Glory Train" to stop in geographic regions. So it does sound like a real train and it's stopping at different places. Each place has similar characteristics. Let's examine these:

Firstly, the people are prepared for hope. Do you mean born again? Bob.

Secondly, the people are moving into the Zechariah 10 reality of turning from sheep to warhorses. Therefore the people wander like sheep oppressed for lack of a shepherd. My anger burns against the shepherds, and I will punish the leaders; for the Lord Almighty will care for his flock, the house of Judah and make them like a proud horse in battle. Zechariah 10 vv2b-3. A horse in battle would have been a magnificent sight to behold. Is not this text saying that Judah will be made into a magnificent sight by God? Can we really move from one metaphor (sheep) to another (horse) and call it reality?

Thirdly, The veil is thin between Heaven and earth and the darkness is not magnified. The people have stepped through the veil to see the power of our great God and what the Father is doing. So there are places on earth where The Hope Reformation is coming forth, where a change in the nature of Christianity brings forth an understanding of the God of Hope that does not negate the challenges but reaches for the greatness of our good God. So for centuries the Holy Spirit has failed and this now requires a new Christianity that will bring forth the God of Hope. What has changed? Is Bob saying that God has changed?

I heard the Lord repeating to me over and over, "It is time for the return of the hopeful kings and queens!" Nowhere does the Bible say that Jesus has kings and queens. So who is repeating over and over that he does? It simply cannot be Jesus.

I saw that the darkness was increasing even within kings and queens in the Church and the seven mountains of society. This is New Apostolic Reformation gibberish. This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. Revelation 17 v9. So according to the Bible the Apostate church identified in the Book of Revelation as Mystery, Babylon the Great sits on seven hills or mountains. Why is C. Peter Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation so keen on seven hills? It seems unlikely that the Holy Spirit would use the idea of seven hills after inspiring John, the author of Revelation, to describe the woman, who is the abomination of abominations as sitting on seven hills! Are not seven hills or mountains a very strong indicator of the apostate church.

The Lord showed Bob Jones how some of these kings and queens had been in this darkness even before they were born. So now there are two Bobs and one is already a proven false and disobedient prophet. Here, however we are presented with the fact that these kings and queens were in darkness even before they were born. Thanks Bob! or should that be Bobs!

Now it's not been mentioned but these kings and queens are trapped behind wooden doors! Bob now says: The Lord explained to me, "These kings must have people who believe in them and who will anoint them to come forth into their full destiny and calling." These kings and queens must have people (not Jesus?) who believe in them. All were anointers and had wisdom and understanding, and they saw it was worth it to go after these kings and queens who had been trapped in dark thinking. Where is faith, if They saw it was worth it? Did the saints of old who were martyred just go to their deaths because it was worth it? If this were to be taken seriously then we have another Jesus.

This just goes on and on and you can read it all here on the Elijah List. One last item should be mentioned however. Bob says: Action Steps for You:

  1. To become the king or queen you are called to be.
  2. To help other kings and queens come forth.
  3. To walk into the decrees that issue from the heart of the Lord.
  4. To then begin to decree these for the kings and queens in your life, those that need to come forth from behind the wooden doors of despair and doubt into their radiant calling in Him.

8th September 2010

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