Bob Hartley: Prophetic Eye Glasses and Hearing Aids

When one adds to scripture one is speaking presumptiously. One is attempting to make God say something which he has not said. To do so creates another Jesus and another gospel, as Paul said: For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough. 2Corinthians 11 v4. And we do put up with it easily enough. In the case of Bob Hartley he is preaching something other the the true gospel and therefore it is not Christianity!

In previous posts Bob Hartley has introduced: Hopeful Kings and Queens; Hope Reformation; a heavenly porch swing; a balcony of heaven; a Holy Ghost hope glory train; a Holy, Hopeful, Loving God; hope craftsmen; Hope Advanced Tools; a Jesus who is ambiguous. If you think all this is made up then read here and here. None of this can be found in scripture because it is dominionist claptrap. Dominionists' escatology is based on Man's ideas and not scripture. The idea is that in Genesis chapter 3 Man handed the dominion of the earth, which God had given to Man, to satan through Adam's sin. Now it is the Body of Christ which must act to retrieve that dominion from satan and turn this world into a christian utopia fit for Jesus to return to. Not surprisingly none of this can be found in scripture without distorting the meaning of words and ignoring what the Bible actually does say.

In his latest post found here on the Elijah List, Bob Hartley introduces us to: prophetic eye glasses; The Class of Useful Information for Hope Craftsmen; The Book of Hope; hearing aids; right vision, kairos time.

Bob Hartley says I saw "Hope Craftsmen" that the Lord was raising up in this time, ones that are skilled in bringing hope and confidence in the goodness of God in all of life. For hope craftsmen read Joel's Army or Manifest Sons of God or Manchild Company or Forerunners (see here for more on forerunners). Bob gets his theology from Mike Bickle. Again he says: In a second encounter, the Lord showed me that the "Hope Craftsmen" had been stripped of the necessary tools at the top of the mountains of influence in society, and they had been left vulnerable...BUT GOD! He had a solution! In this encounter, the Hope Craftsmen stood outside of a classroom that read, "The Class of Useful Information." In this classroom, lessons were being taught from the "Book of Hope" that would equip them with the necessary hope building blocks for this season. Jesus was accepting students, not because they were qualified but because they were WILLING. No one was turned away that had a willing heart! If, when he refers to the Book of Hope, Bob means the Bible, why not call it the Bible. It is unlikely that many of his readers would make the connection if he does mean the Bible. You see, Bob does not share the orthodox view that the return of Jesus will herald the end of the church age.

Now the glasses and hearing aids: The Lord wanted to give hope craftsmen new "eyeglasses" (the ability to see Him rightly through face to face prayer with Him), new "hearing aids" (the ability to hear His heart) and new "body armor" (the ability to build true community and marvelous camaraderie with others). OK, so Bob does not mean literal glasses and literal hearing aids. Surely, if Jesus wants to reveal himself then ... you will see him. But that is not promised to us in scripture. Though why do we need new armor? Was the original armor promised in Ephesians 6 not good enough? Are we being called through scripture to build community? The first chapter of the "Book of Hope" addressed the need for the right "eyeglasses" that would restore vision to see God rightly in everyday life. Without the proper eyeglasses to see God, the Hope Craftsmen were left visionless and vulnerable. They needed the right perspective. I thought of Proverbs 29:18: "Where there is no vision, the people perish," and the Lord said, "My people must have a right vision of who I am in this hour to succeed and thrive in the days to come." Genesis chapter 1 does not mention glasses so the Book of Hope is not the Bible and there is no way that what Bob Hartley is offering here can be called Christianity. He quotes Proverbs 29 v18 but why should Jesus say my people must have a right vision of who I am? Can we have a wrong vision of Jesus? If we have a wrong vision of Jesus then it is not the Jesus of the Bible. So Bob offers glasses to correct our vision!

I saw that they would be able to draw near to Him simply for the sake of loving Him and developing friendship with Him through adoration. They would begin to enter His presence with deep thanksgiving and praise and this would heal their perspective of God and life. It is the Bible which changes (heals?) our perspective of God and life. I realized that "face to face" prayer and communion with God is an invitation to see Him with the seeing of the eye through intimate devotion. This is a Bickleism. It has been said often on Zedekiah List that the Bible never speaks of an intimate relationship. It has sexual connotations which are totally foreign to the Bible and it is distressing to think that such a concept is being taught to young people.

As I myself began to wear these new "eyeglasses," I began to see that Jesus is all that is to be considered in this hour. At the core, my perspective was shifted to see the pure worthiness of God and the supreme value of Jesus and was challenged to see His greatness valued in every arena of life. So they are literal glasses! But the Bible - not glasses was given that all might see the supreme value of Jesus. Through these eyeglasses, my focus shifted to angelic messengers that were terrifying in their stature. But even they were less than one millionth of His glory! So now Bob Hartley is telling us that His Glory can be measured! Might not true angels reflect the same glory of God?

Now Daniel is being used: Next, through these eyeglasses, I was taken into Daniel 3 and I watched as the scene unfolded before me. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had refused to worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up, and the king commanded that they be thrown into a furnace that was heated seven times hotter than normal. My heart raced as the three men were thrown bound into the midst of the fiery inferno. As I continued to watch these three figures huddled in the flames, a forth figure appeared with them. Jesus came into the fire and held the hands of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I realized that Jesus could have come with His angels and with His glory and thundered into the fire, but instead He chose to come in quietly and stand WITH them in the midst of their tribulation. The very fire that was meant to consume them instead burned away their bonds. Even more remarkably, I saw that Daniel 3:27 was true, that "the fire had no effect on the bodies of these men nor was the hair of their head singed, nor were their trousers damaged, nor had the smell of fire even come upon them. Wow hot stuff! He saw, whilst wearing his glasses what the Bible actually tells us!

This is a kairos time! I saw that we are all in the fire; we are all on this planet and arrows are flying every which way, but with the right "eyeglasses" on, with the right view and understanding of who He is, we become acutely aware that He is right there in the fire with us! This sounds suspiciously like Bob Hartley's view of salvation. Put on Bob's specs and see your salvation!

The Lord said to me, "There are so many questions being posed across the nations that challenge the goodness of My nature. But adoration settles everything. As trials and tragedies mount up, your view of Me can become dimmer and dimmer. You MUST see Me rightly! I am preparing My children for all kinds of challenges by awakening them to the true knowledge of who I am. I am the captain of the Host of Heaven, and if you peer into MY eyes, I will give you the's ME!" This is deception pure and simple. Where in scripture - the gospels to be exact - did Jesus feel the need to shout: it's ME!"

Just a word by Steve Schultz from this Elijah List offering: I always enjoy reading Bob Hartley's words. It's like going on a prophetic encounter, literally, as he describes the details of his experiences with the Lord. You'll learn much as you read through with "prophetic eyeglasses." Now there's discernment for you!

18th April 2011

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