Bobby Conner: Divine Invasion

The Elijah List is the web home for dominionists and Bobby Conner gives his us a flavour of the 2011 Shepherd's Rod here. He says in the title of his piece: Divine Invasion! A Stirring in the Heavens, Hosts of Heaven are Assembling - Something is Up! Since when did any Old Testament prophet say the Hebrew equivalent of Something is Up!. Every Old Testament prophets knew what was up! The prophet Elisha was so accurate that the King of Aram was convinced that there was a spy in his camp [see 2Kings 6 vv8-11]! So what has given Bobby reason to announce a divine invasion?

Brewing deep within the heart of God's people is an unusual expectation. It can't be put into words; no diagrams can be drawn to explain it, but it's there. So Bobby can see what is in people's heart and what he sees is unusual expectation. So, who gave people this unusual expectation? Was it the Lord or was it men preaching unusual expectation? No prophet today has the right to preach of an unusual expectation. Bobby is saying here that something is about to happen in the heavenlies. The Apostle John wrote: Dear children, this is the last hour; 1John 2 v18. John did not mean a literal hour, but was referring to the age in which he now lived. That age is this age nearly two thousand years later and John's message is as fresh today as it was when he first wrote it under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Until the end of John's hour, the end of the age in which we live, there will be no unusual expectations.

He continues: There is a great stirring in the Heavens, the hosts of Heaven are assembling, and something is up! You can feel it in the air, God is responding to the cries of His people. Now how can he possibly know that? By feeling it in the air. So Bobby relies on feelings rather than the Word of God.

Saints are tired of boring sermons, weary of the polished plans of man; they are desperate to see the Lord moving in power. Get ready for a wonderful Divine Invasion, an infusion of God's mighty power active in our day. Here comes the weary old dialectic: Saints are tired of boring sermons, weary of the polished plans of man. The church according to Bobby is full of boring sermons and the polished plans of man. This is a dreadful indictment upon thousands of faithful pastors who are pouring their all into the Lord's work. No, says Bobby they should be getting ready for a divine invasion!

You see Bobby is the latest in a long line of dominionists who think that Joel's army/manifest sons of god/manchild company/forerunners, choose which you prefer since they represent the same thing, is about to arrive on earth. Dominionist theology relies upon these so-called immortal warriors to contend with the world to establish a Holy Spirit led world government. This is nothing more than a christianised version of the Tower of Babel. The idea was tried over one thousand years ago and left millions in unimaginable hell-bound poverty. It was called the Roman Catholic Church. The idea failed then and it will fail again. This Tower of Babel will fail everytime it's tried but sadly that doesn't stop Bobby and every other dominionist.

As we continue to cry out for a divine invasion we are going to encounter God's intervention. A strong promise is revealed in Isaiah 64:1-5: "Oh, that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down! That the mountains might shake at Your presence - as fire burns brushwood, as fire causes water to boil - to make Your name known to Your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Your presence! Bobby now turns to scripture as if to validate what he is saying. This scripture is Isaiah crying out to the Lord and verse 5 (which he omits to quote) ends with How then can we be saved? Bobby ignores the fact that God did come down, in answer to Isaiah's prayer, in order to save his people. Was not heaven rent when Jesus, the Son of God, died on the cross? Did the earth not darken and was there not an earthquake? 2000 years ago we had a divine invasion - haven't you heard about it Bobby?

7th December 2010

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