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David Hathaway: Healing
Christine Darg: Generational Sins
Lana Vawser: God's River of Rest
Bret Wade: Icebreakers
Katie Souza: A 1000 fold Blessing
Lance Wallnau: A False Prophecy
Amanda Wells: Shifting Point
Gabe Lyons: God is Relying on Somebody
Russ Walden: My Presence
Victoria Boyson: Awakening
Wendy Alec: A Perfect Strategy
Adam Thompson: What God Wants
Sandie Freed: Throne Room Decrees
Jeff Jansen: Word Faith Mythology
Bobby Conner: Yoohoo! It's Me Bob Jones!
Mark Braverman: Jesus was a Palestinian
Doris Wagner: A Doctrine of Demons
Garris Elkins: Run Toward The Shore of My Presence
Bob Jones: The New Egg
Johnny Enlow: Gold in California
Dr. Francis Myles: Order Of Melchizedek
Sandi Freed God is Releasing Expansion
Kevin Basconi: Working with Creative Angels
Stephen Springer: Preparing for this New Era
Jane Hamon: Year of Beauty from Ashes?
Jonathan Welton: Where are We Heading?
Graham Cooke: False or Poor Prophecy
Chuck Pierce: Flooding in Rome
Dena McClure: Mysticism
Doug Addison: Realignment Brings New Assignments
Brian McLaren's English Tour
Kent Simpson: God's Word to the Youth?
James Goll: Come Again Holy Spirit
Johnny Enlow: The Beginning of the Age of Restoration
Bobby Conner: Finders will be Sought
Theresa Phillips: Releasing the Prophetic Eagles
Kari Browning: A "Quantum" Change
Bobby Conner: Leaders with Pure Hearts
Bonnie Jones: Come and See the Elephant
Paul Keith Davis: Our Generation Makes History
Ben Peters: God is about to Show Off
Sandie Freed: Accessing The Riches
The Anointed Jesus Heresy
Bonnie Chavda: A Stormy Dream
Rick Joyner: Focus on the Light
Kathie Walters: Angels Called Swift
James Goll: Be a House of Prayer
Graham Cooke: Decree
Kim Clement: A Season of Multiplication
Bob Jones: The Year of the Man
Eileen Fisher: Come Forth and Decree and Declare
A New Reformation?
Rick Joyner: Sound the Alarm
Kim Clement: Everything Will begin in February
John Mark Pool: Divine Government
Dennis Cramer: The Gifts of the Spirit: Back From the Dead!
Jane Hansen Hoyt: The Government of God is Arising
Steve Schultz: Jesus Took Donations
Arlene Westerhof: Advance from Breakthrough into Victory
Paul Keith Davis: A Prophetic Dream
Eileen Fisher: Pillow of Unbelief and More
Wade Taylor: The Keys of the Kingdom
Doug Addison: Repayment
Rick Joyner: The Great Tsunami
Bill Yount: 'Tis the Season to Ride Broncos and Bulls
Reeni Mederos: Supernatural Intelligence
Paul Keith Davis: A Day of Open Doors
Keri Wyatt Kent: Rediscovering Spiritual Formation
Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets: 11-11-11
Bill Hamon: The Rapture, a Most Faith Deadening Teaching
Greg Boyd: The "Heresy" of Failing to Love
Rick Joyner: Immature Prophets
Theresa Phillips: Come on Somebody!
A Palestine with Jerusalem as Its Capital?
Bob Hartley: Receive Your Hope Hearing Aids
Eileen Fisher: You are The Word!
Rich Oliver: Horses, Buffalo and Scarecrows
Paul Cox: The Mighty Ones are Coming
Harold Camping: A Tale of Two Glitches
Sharnael Wolverton: Are Snake Oil Salesmen are Still Around?
Brian McLaren: The Vision Project
Rick Warren: The Message Driven Purpose
Bob Hartley: Eye Glasses and Hearing Aids
Stephen Choate: Profit of the Lord
Kim Clement: Prophecy for Detroit
Gretta Vosper: The Evolution of Religion
Rick Joyner: Dominionism
Cindy Jacobs: Prophecies for 2011
Is Rick Warren Advocating Satan Worship?
Jeremy Lopez: The Power to Create
Rick Joyner: A Double Portion of Prophetic Revelation
Bob Hartley: Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train
Bobby Conner: Divine Invasion!
Francis Frangipane: Your Christianity is Only as Real as Your Love
John Mark Pool Adds to Scripture
John Arnott: Toronto and the Domino Effect
Cindy Trimm: The Properties of Thought: You Become What You Think
John Belt: Shift the Climate - through Praise and Intercession
To Your Seed I will Show Mercy, Grant Grace, and Teach Many to Abide with Favor
Urgent Prayer Warning Against Attack on This Nation
We Love You Elijah List
Flow, Rock, Roll in My Spirit
Going Through Transition to Become Transformed
Barbie Breathitt: Our Destiny Awaits - In Our Dreams
Julia Loren: Who Are the Ones Carrying the New Anointing?
Heresy Hijack
Brian Simmons: I Will Release Again the 10 Principles of Revival Taught by Charles Finney
Todd Bentley: Reno Outpouring Oct. 7-10
Bob Jones: Rewriting the Book of Jonah
Bart Hadaway: The Church's Finest Hour
The Beatification of Cardinal John Newman
Christy Wimber: The Weapon of Praise
Mike Bickle: Is IHOP from God?
Bob Jones: A Proven False Prophet
The Pope is coming to Britain
Bob Hartley: Here Come the Hopeful Kings and Queens
Georgian Banov: The Mystical Bread and Wine
Spiritual Health Warning
Catherine Brown: The Governmental Angel of Justice and Mercy
Historic Event-Southwest Rosh Hashanah Kingdom Invasion
Kim Clement: Prophecy, prophecy, prophecy ...
Chuck Pierce: Go to War and Worship Violently!
Michael Land: Jesus spoke in the Vernacular
Chad Taylor: Harvesttime
Patricia King: God's New Media Army
Eileen Fisher: Become a Bonfire
Darlene Bishop: Birthing
Cindy Jacobs: Woe
The Little Children Suffer
Result of Meditation and Contemplative Prayer
The Shack: Book Review
Bob Jones and Faith
God is Building Something?
Prophetic Codswallop
Bob Jones: Cry Out
Transforming Society with Transforming Prayer
Haiti and Chile Earthquakes
Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer and the Last Times
Jay McDaniel: Panentheism
Money Cometh!
Ryan Wyatt: and the Fire Brigade
Paulette Reed: Waves of Glory
The Weird and the Weirder

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