Andrew Towe: A New Thing

Andrew Towe is the lead pastor along with his wife of Ramp Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is keen to see the Lord move in new ways. Does this obstruct his view of truth? Let's see. Andrew writes on the Elijah List here saying: The Lord spoke to me several weeks ago concerning a "New Move of God" that is coming. He said, "I am uprooting religious systems and tearing down man's way of doing things. This 'New Move' will be marked by My glory, and the flow will be pure." Have we not heard all this before? In 1987 the Holy Spirit was going to come in like a tidal wave - this was the theme of many meetings in the year leading up to it. So what happened on that occasion? Answer: Nothing. The truth is that nothing will happen this time either.

Any true dyed-in-the-wool charismatic will also have shreads of prosperity gospel mixed in. This will mean that he or she will believe that Zedekiah List should get the blame because it damned it. Yes, you are reading it here. If this is of the Lord then it will happen. If not, then the naysayers should get the blame.

So is this a word from the Lord? Could it be that the end times revival prophesied by Bob Jones and others is finally about to happen as Andrew Towe writes? This Bob Jones' prophecy suggests that there would be a revival in which a billion souls would be saved. The simple answer has to be NO. It will never happen. There are several reasons why it will not happen.

The first reason for it not happening is because the so-called prophet Bob Jones is a false prophet. He was also a hypocrite when he prophesied to up-coming false prophets that they would lose their anointing if they committed sexual sin and later got caught in sexual sin himself, but did not lose his anointing! See here for more detail. Hence why should a prophecy from a proven false prophet come to pass?

The second reason for it not happening is because this word has not been tested. The Apostle Paul wrote: Test everything. 1Thess 5:21. So let's test it. Firstly, what is a "New Move of God" ? Scripture lays out the Last Times. We are in what could be called the Church Age. Obviously, it means that from the Day of Pentecost until now and beyond God is dealing with the Church, that is the Body of Christ. How do we become a member of this Body? When we are born again we enter this body (which is the Kingdom of Heaven). To be born again means that we see our sin on the Cross of Jesus and grasp the nature of sin and what it cost our Saviour to leave his heavenly home and pay the cost of our sin in agony and utter shame on the Cross. Being born again is not about experiencing the "presence of God" but of being confronted by our own sin and its dread consequences. So at the end of this time the focus will turn back onto Israel. Remember, Israel did not exist for nearly two thousand years but in accordance with biblical prophecy it does today. Even if you don't like Israel it is clear that Satan does not either and is doing his best to remove it. At the end of the Church Age the true church will no longer exist, since it will have been raptured. Where in that scenario is the idea that we are going to invite Jesus back to rule over us? This is adding to scripture and it has dire consequencies, see Revelation 22:8

The third reason for this not happening is that this prophecy of Andrew Towe is not from God. Firstly, scripture says that there is nothing new under the sun. Eccl 1:9 yet Andrew Towe is saying that God says there is. Secondly, Andrew says The Lord spoke to me ... He said, "I am uprooting religious systems and tearing down man's way of doing things." Sad to say, none of this is happening or will ever happen. God does not intervene in this manner since His word says: "Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong; and the one who is filthy, still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness; and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy." Revelation 22:11. Thirdly, this prophecy was a dream. So keen is Andrew Towe to see this move of God that he will simply dream it. This is mysticism, also known as fortune-telling.

Is Andrew leading a flock of sheep as a good shepherd or is he an ear tickler? For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires. 2Tim 4:3. You decide, but remember this: your eternal destiny can hinge upon your answer.

19th June 2019

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