Amanda Wells: I Met the Trinity

On the Elijah List Amanda Wells tells us of an encounter she had recently (read it here). She says: I recently had an encounter where I was taken again into a room where the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) were talking and strategizing. As I walked in, they called me over to a massive table where they were talking and included me in the conversation. Jesus spoke to me and said, "Sometimes the Church is not asking the right questions. We long to give the wisdom of insight when they ask the right questions." Now she does not say she had a dream - she had an encounter. That is, she physically met with the Holy Trinity. Amanda has had an encounter which never occurred in scripture. The nearest to such a moment was at Jesus's baptism when it says that the Holy Spirit descended upon him and suddenly a voice came from heaven saying: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Matthew 3 v17. We, as human beings have no understanding what "spirit" means (except it means pertaining to the Holy Spirit) or what form (if any) a spirit has. Yet Amanda has had this encounter which anthropomorphises the Holy Trinity.

It all needs further examination. For example, can we simply walk into the presence of God? Certainly not in this fleshly body since we are still capable of sinning. If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 1John 1 v8. Why were they strategizing? Is our Heavenly Father standing at a table scratching his head wondering what his next strategy might be? No, it is unbiblical to consider that God's salvation plan was not fully determined before the world began. In fact God would not be sovereign if he needed to make plans. This is all a product of Amanda's imagination and it is blasphemous.

Let's look further. Amanda speaking for Jesus then says: He went on to say, "Many in the Church assume We're angry, and We're judging the nations. We are neither. We are not judging Australia, UK, Europe or USA! But when we aren't asked what WE ARE DOING in the midst of the affairs of earth, assumptions can be made and they will miss Our heart for all that is happening in the world right now." This is supposedly Jesus speaking. The Bible prophesies that there is a coming apostasy. What we see in the world today is apostasy on the increase. The church is not warning the world of the wrong direction it is headed in. For instance, things which for millenia have been regarded as perversion are now regarded as simply social recreation. Churches throughout the world have just run up a white flag in abject surrender in the vain hope that it will appear relevant to the world. The church should be warning the world that God's wrath will one day come upon this world and then will come the Day of Judgement. Amanda words are just man-pleasing words and nothing more.

Jesus said to me, "We desire Our Bride to ask us why certain issues are so highlighted in the earth today, and what is the strategy of Heaven to bring transformation and reformation, not to debate as to right and wrong, as this was never the intention. To change the world, My Bride needs to seek ways to bring the environment into a position where it is under the influence of the Kingdom, and it all begins with asking a DIFFERENT question. Amanda Wells is looking for the appearance of the Latter Rain Joel's Army/Manifest Sons of God/ et al, plus the New Apostolic Reformation's seven mountains. The problem, in her eyes is that the environment is not under the control of the Kingdom. So the Bride has to ask questions (presumably the right ones) so that God can give the answers which are needed. Question: What happened to the Holy Spirit speaking through his prophets, which Amanda readily believes in (afterall she claims to be one)? In truth the spirit, which Amanda and many like her claim to have is not the Holy Spirit.

Amanda then says, as if it is Jesus speaking: "We are dismayed that instead of asking, why same-sex marriage is a highlighted issue, and the perspective of Heaven on this, which is to create the greatest awakening the nations have ever seen, at times the wrong answers have been given to unasked questions of Us! This seems to be a muddle but Amanda believes that there is a great revival coming. How many of today's "prophets" have prophesied this revival? It was said in 1985 that it was coming like a wave in 1987 but has still not appeared (that's 30 years). Why, you may ask, has it not come? Answer: if it came it would make all these false prophets into true prophets.

Amanda then attempts to push the immigrant problem and says: "There is a massive population shift at present, and the Church needs to ask Us what We are doing. They are moved with compassion but there are unasked questions, and the Church, if they do not ask correctly, will miss the ability to adjust their nations economy to Heaven's alignment." So the church has the ability to change the economies of nations. Wow!

Jesus said to me, "Australia, Britain, USA, France and Germany this is your time. You have been moved with compassion, but don't miss the keys We want to download to you, so as to align the Nations for the greatest revival, transformation and reformation ever seen. The nations have been pregnant with promise for a long time and now the birthing has occurred. What will you do with those who come? What is Our intention in the mass movement of people?" Since God already knows how the nations will handle this issue, this is all absolute nonsense and totally unscriptural to boot.

Jesus went on to explain to me how the right question can be a disruptive agent that will cut through into new levels of understanding and unveil deeper and richer thoughts that will create transformation in our nations. This is pure NAR-speak. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we must transform nations unless you are using the NAR's convoluted allegorisations. Anyway, why should asking the right question be a disruptive agent?

Amanda Wells brings the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ into disrepute with her false and blaphemous stories and unknowingly she is giving the world fuel to believe that the church should at least be ignored and at best be destroyed. She has a false Jesus, a false gospel and a false message.

29th September 2015

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