The Zedekiah List

The Zedekiah List is a compilation of quotes by well-known Christian speakers who have spoken words in the same spirit as Zedekiah in the book of 1Kings chapter 22.

These words fall into one of three categories:

Scripture is very clear about all three cases:

By believing contrary to scripture we are in disobedience and to teach contrary to scripture is to draw others into the same error.

By adding or subtracting from scripture we change the Word of God and thereby create another Jesus, another gospel and another Spirit.

Prophecy must always be in accordance with scripture and if a prophecy has a fulfilment then, as in the case of the Old Testament prophets, it must be completely fulfilled. Otherwise it is a false prophecy and the Lord has not spoken through that prophet.

Why bother you may ask?

There is a threefold answer, which is to ask three questions:

For further discussion regarding deceivers go here.

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